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However, the downside of an International Number; toll free or local; is actually getting one easily and getting …Continue reading There are 2 types of different Virtual Numbers that we supply.

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Our portfolio consists of UK phone numbers which include ( 0800 numbers , 0845 numbers, 0844 numbers and 0871 numbers), Virtual telephone numbers (01 and 02 UK phone numbers), Virtual International Phone Numbers, International Toll Free Numbers, Fax to Email, Audio Conferencing and Call Answering.

Our philosophy is to provide creative solutions to customers who can control their services once we have delivered the product.

You could already have 0800 numbers and 0333 numbers, but you still might want to target the local areas or the major cities.

Virtual UK numbers give you this option and provides your business the ideal opportunity to a local supplier rather than a faceless national company.

Not only will it be significantly cheaper but you will not have to get on that tiring flight just to check up on your team.