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International Education enables students abroad, in places such as Prague, Athens and the Dominican Republic, to earn valued SUNY degrees. degrees, helping address the nation’s nursing shortage, and offers a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health for certified or licensed healthcare professionals.The college’s School of Nursing and Allied Health gives RNs the opportunity to advance to B. The School of Nursing and Allied Health also offers a Master of Science in Nursing Administration and a Master of Science in Nursing Education. Center for Labor Studies provides associate and bachelor degrees in labor studies for union members.Their education was individualized as they studied independently and worked one-to-one with their faculty mentors.

Again, congratulations and we look forward to hearing from you. Working with other academic thinkers, he helped create an alternative model for higher education, patterned after such unconventional colleges as Goddard, Hampshire and the British Open University. Hall was charged by Boyer with bringing to life this new vision of higher education that would be accessible, affordable and offer academic rigor. From the beginning, we offered academic “mentors” rather than professors lecturing at the front of a classroom.

Students collaborated with their mentors to devise a program of study uniquely their own that fulfilled their needs.

Going forward, you, too, will represent your alma mater in your personal and civic life and career. Officer in Charge An early visionary for Empire State College was SUNY Chancellor Ernest L.

We ask that you share your news with the Office of Alumni and Student Relations, wherever your path leads, so we can join in your triumphs and delight. Boyer, whose wife, Kathryn, a nurse and mother, dreamed of earning a bachelor’s degree.

To reach this moment, you have persevered in your dedication to study, investing time, energy, thought and funds to further your education.