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She also started to lose trust in other people when it was previously reported that she was dating an actor who was her senior.

She's obsessed with cleanliness, so I think she'll be having a relatively silent romantic life for a while.".

Aragaki's situation where an album is to be released before a single is very rare to female idols like her. , the segment where certain young female idols switch slots in hosting, is also hosted by the likes of Maki Horikita, Nana Eikura and Erika Toda.

Besides modeling, acting and singing, Aragaki occasionally hosts a segment in the radio show, SCHOOL OF LOCKS! She debuted as a singer after releasing her debut album "Sora" on December 5, 2007.

In 2004 she put her modeling in nicola on hold to expand her current modeling career into gravure, appearing on variety shows, and acting.