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I messaged her saying that I found her profile really refreshing and it was nice to see someone less concerned with physical appearance and more on the intelligence and personality, but I didn’t think it would work out between us because my brain is 2 inches too close to the ground for her.

I took a wise lesson from this encounter and vowed to remember, true love is not about physical traits, it’s about the person inside, and how tall that person is…

A very cute oriental girl called Steph e-mailed me, seemed very keen – it was a breath of fresh air after all the fruitless searching. What are the chances, eh, that 15 minutes before my subscription was due to expire, a hot Asian girl messaged me.

She seemed genuinely into me, she was in my age group, was very eloquent, profile was nice. AND I’d recently been perfecting some nice homemade Chinese cooking. Thing is, she mailed me quite late, about a quarter to midnight, so I’d decided to get back to her in the morning with my usual introductory mail of “HEY HEY PLEASE DON’T GO ANYWHERE, YOU’LL LIKE ME HONEST.” I went back on the site in the morning to find myself locked out and unable to look at her profile. I think she might have been the only girl in those 12 months who made the first move and e-mailed me first. I’m sure it is, although it could also be, now that I think about the sequence of events, more likely that e Harmony are a bunch of fucking scamming cunts.

She went on at length about how a guy’s looks are not important, and these things don’t impress her.