Overprotective parents dating

My older brother didn't have issues, but that's because he's the oldest and a guy, while i'm the baby of the family, and a girl.

I'm almost 21 years old, and still live at home because my parents don't want me to live elsewhere p.s.

(I think my parents have control issues) She want's me to stay by her side, and my dad still treats me like i'm 4, calling me baby nicknames, etc...

I want to spend more time with him, but i don't want to tell my parents because i don't want to cause any problems.

My mom HATED that i had my own apt and made me move back home (we fought constantly when i had my own place, but now that i'm at home, we hardly fight), so i feel like i'll never be able to do things on my own.

Her Dad called her a failure and now she thinks she 'owes' them. Another thing now is that her Dad will soon be asking what she is going to do with her life, and 'working and saving for college' isn't good enough, she said.

She also said her Mother is bugging her for another job, and saying her job lasted too long, which was only two months. My last relationship, she didn't respect her Mom at all... However, I'm on the edge right now with her parents...

She did the other day, once in a few like months, maybe longer... The one before that, she was molested (I don't know how) and he was crazy.