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" to Children offend■ _ding Hill Mf from — While they lost. go away hungry” rn* * I flat SIMON'S PG Tfou’ll laugh it off!

1976 - Page 7 But It Has Messages ‘Loot’ Irreverent, Ridiculous By CAROL JAMES Assistant News Editor I want to see it again Six students in Ohio University's School of Theater are having such a good time nights on the Patio Theater stage You will. on the faculty of the school, said during rehearsals that the cast must take care not to wear out the audience with laughs too early It isn t a problem Orton did leave opportunities to breathe — for the audience It s the cast members who scarcely slow down save for one bnef intermission They deserve to feel elated at what they and Dalen have created along with the very capable help of the production designers ‘ Ixiot was injected with so much humor and wit by Orton that it would seem almost im possible to keep up the rapid pace of both movement and lines tumbling one after another But Jeff Huber. Mc Leavy (Huber) who deteriorates much more quickly than his embalmed late wife Of course there is a woman involved the nurse F ay 'Miss Kempe I.

too They’re doing Loot," a modern English mystery farce by Joe Orton It s irreverent and ridiculous But it has messages in its comments on religion atheism, sex. who us involved in several of the unsuspected character relationships which add to the fun Detective Truscott (Vinkier) is the Sherlock Holmes who endeavors to unravel the mysteries of the Mc Leavy review household, and Medows (Bailey) is his stolid assistant They do do roguish things." as Dalen says, and it s a well designed set by Jim Jenkins that can survive their antics Columbus Minister fr ill Speak WELLSTON Dr Walter Dickhaut of Columbus will present sermons Sunday morning at Hope and Trinity United Methodist Churches He will be at Trinity for the 9 a rn sen ice and at Hope for the IO 15 a rn venice Rev Dickhaut has been a prominent minister district supenntendent and is present Iv the administrator of the conference s pension program The costumes by Kitty Macey are beautiful in detail and in their contribution to characterization And getting into and out of the show was adeptly managed by lighting designer Fred Sprauer The whole thing is out rageous.

Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - November 5, 1976, Athens, Ohio I Box Office Opens - Show at _J/f lit US IMVie VAi* too =* NOW!!

MMM™™ «n Sunday ~rf (XXCITING HITS Best Bet Saturday Bv TV STOUT ....... ‘‘Flying Sorcerer." follows a young boy who has been transported back to the Middle Ages by his uncle s unperfected time machine, on The CBS Children’s Film Festival IV biff hi Iff his program ■iltfl - p.m.

So when Beverly (Lori Shannon), the transvestite Archie saved last year, shows up.

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