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Voutour said the sheriff's office would need to hire two more dispatchers, including a supervisor, if LPD were to join the frequency. "If I’m paying the exact same county taxes as someone else, we should all get the exact same, equal services.”At least one county official agrees with that argument."I don't think the city should have to pay," Voutour said.

But Interim Police Chief Steven Preisch asked why city residents, who already pay county taxes, should have to shoulder that cost alone."Why do the city residents have to absorb that cost, when it should be absorbed ... But County Manager Rick Updegrove pointed out 12 of the county's 15 legislators do not represent Lockport, and said they would be reluctant to override the property tax cap to fund a dispatch consolidation deal that's better for city taxpayers."The county will not override the cap,” Updegrove said.

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, which monitors Paterson’s finances as one of the conditions of the city getting transitional aid from the state, had urged the city to enact the merger, which has been in the works since 2016.

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The mayor’s chief of staff, Kathleen Long, said other changes under the merger will take place “behind the scenes” in ways that won’t affect residents.