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said on 23/Dec/13rob if you get chance take a quick look at the first episode of 'fresh meat' (fantastic show) at a scene about 7 mins in when Whitehall and Joe Thomas are in the cubicle talking face to face (will be on 4OD).

Whitehall (who claims 6'0 3/4) is absolutely towering Joe Thomas, surely he can't be 5'9?

In red-carpet photos he can give off a 5'8 impression, thanks to his consistently poor posture, but in the show he looks 5'10 range to me.

Also, I'm fairly sure the 6'0 3/4 for Whitehall was just a user-submitted height, not a personal claim of his.

The couple has two sons together: Rodney Ramone Hill III and Romelo Montez Hill.