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And as soon as Lyubomir gets a pair of jeans, he has to tell every girl he meets that they were really expensive. You’re already more interesting than any other guy she ever met. Chalga girls are like Chavs in the UK, just without the belly fat and the rotten teeth. The Bulgarian bridal market is older than the electric lightbulb.

In other words, the local guys try to impress women with money they don’t really have. She knows that you have more money than her father, her brother, and her ex-boyfriend combined. Chalga girls, or Chalga sluts how many local guys call them are the result of popular music that focuses on sex, glamour and a luxurious lifestyle. Okay, it only exists in Kalaidzhi and it’s only for young Roma girls…but hey, maybe you’ll find the Roma love of your life. If she would want that, she wouldn’t be looking for you online.

Imagine terribly sounding folk music with Hip Hop video elements. And guess what…The girls who love that shit want glamour, a luxurious lifestyle and are not shy to get it in exchange for sex. Now that you know that Chalga sluts…uuhhmm girls are not mail order bride material, you might want to know what happens when you date a normal Bulgarian woman. There are some things you need to know about the Bulgarian dating culture before you can join International Cupid and chat with dozens of Bulgarian girls… I mean, the local guys are on rank six of the heaviest drinkers. Oh, and don’t call her Chalga or Kifla before your wedding day.

In the West such a girl would end up on Tag The Sponsor. Unfortunately, feminism has already arrived in Poland. That’s the last thing she wants because she has at least one of them in the family. If you pretend to be a young Roma guy and visit the bridal market undercover. It’s also possible that the Bulgarian girls you’ll meet online want you because you don’t drink a bottle of Rakia every morning.

During my last trip I saw more short-haired potato sacks than the first time I visited. Apparently, the same is happening in the Czech Republic. She wants a husband who knows that the word responsible means This video says everything. But don’t complain when she spends more than an hour in the bathroom every morning.