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Here she is representing New Jersey in one of the funniest scene you’ll ever see from this international star!Attending the premiere of “Two Weeks Notice” in New York City, Sandra is seen with beautiful eyelashes, blushing cheeks, and glossy pink lipstick while trying to imitate the brunette version of Marilyn Monroe.

You can tell from this photo that she has really thick hair…lots of them!

Also, her nose appears to be bigger than it is now so perhaps this is the proof we need to confirm her rhinoplasty surgery.

I've never heard of a movie with Kevin Costner and Sandra Bullock, and I think the reason is that such a vast amount of pure self-obsessed narcissism concentrated in one place would reach critical mass and the planet would be…

With Ocean’s 8 due for release mid 2018, many people should have seen the latest trailer featuring the ever lovely Sandra Bullock and her gorgeous gang of thieves.

Not sure about you, but those large medium length curls didn’t really suit her face.