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What follows are some pretty weak jokes about the Catholic Church, red hair, freckles and pots of gold, while they also seem to suggest that Ireland has a stereotype for dating their cousins and that we are deformed as a result of centuries of inbreeding, which is a new one to us.

It's a painfully unfunny skit that borders on the offensive, and it wasn't long before a number of Irish people took to Twitter to hit out at I miss when SNL was bitingly funny. Can’t imagine them getting away with it if it was about any other country but the Irish will take it on the chin and wear the stereotype that we are all inbred and sleep with our cousins.

If the level of sexual intimacy increases during an interaction: ie.

The categories are: “Halter Top”; “She Was Drunk”; “I Was Drunk”; “Kegger”; “Off-Campus Kegger”; “She Led Me On”; “I Paid For Dinner”: and “Ragin’ Kegger”. [ reading card ] “It is the last day of school, a female student asks a male student to help her move her futon-” [ Ariel buzzes ] Helpern-Strauss? [ sound effect dings for a correct answer ]Dean Frederick Whitcomb: Well! Antioch College defines date rape as: any sexual contact or conduct between two or more persons, in which consent of such contact, which includes: the touching of thighs, genitals, buttocks, or the breast/chest area is not expressly obtained in a verbal manner. [ reading card ] “She orders a steak and a shrimp cocktail.” Strobel?

Ellen Cleghorne[ open with the theme from “Casino Royale” ]Announcer: Live, from Antioch College in Antioch, Ohio..