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Indian Characteristics and Customs Many of the Aborigine's Traits of Character, and Something About His Religion Ceremonials 127-148 CHAPTER XXI.

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Sees Custer and Hears " Garryowen "Grouard Witnesses a Fight Between the Troops and Indians, and Has a Narrow Escape from Death 114-116 CONTENTS. Torturing the Captive The Manner in Which the Indians Proved Grou- ard's Nerve Four Hours of Unceasing Pain Pronounced " Good Medicine." 119-123 CHAPTER XIX.

In a Rattlesnake Den An Experience Grouard Remembered Vividly and Often Dreamed of Afterward Millions of Reptiles 124-126 CHAPTER XX.

The Slim Buttes Fight Grouard Appropriates Two Fine Horses Lieut.

Lieuttewitz Wounded Mc Clinton Recaptures One of Custer's Gui dons Killing of Buffalo Chips Big Bat Takes a Scalp Death of American Horse Burning the Village 300-311 CHAPTER XLII.

In a Tight Place Surrounded by Hostiles and Outwitting Them Dummies Used to Good Advantage 208-211 CHAPTER XXXV. Henry Heroism of Ute John Both Hands Shot Away The Trap to Catch the Command in the Rosebud Canyon Crook Unwillingly Gives Up the Chase of the Hostiles 223-242 CHAPTER XXXVIII.