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They claim this to be evidence of a fact that reinforces deep-seated sexism that lurks among us, that women inherently, even biologically, don’t want to date nice people.

What these men invariably miss is that it’s not the fact that they’re nice guys that things didn’t work out, it’s the fact that they were expectant nice guys.

Do you know that in the world of sexual attraction?

When men say their tactics — that’s what they are — didn’t ‘work’ that means their little attempt at solving women like some alien puzzle didn’t provide the sex or affection that they desired in a Imagine if your guy friends only hung out with you and pretended to be nice to you all the time so they could borrow money from you.

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It’s my observation, and I think many women will confirm this observation, that niceness showed to them by men always seems to come with some form of expectations attached.