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A Twitter thread, shows several clips of the man angrily ranting about women being rude to him on dating sites because of his height in response to a young woman who asks: "Degrade [ing] women, why is that OK?

" An incredulous woman asks: "Well who said that to you here?

“People in bigger cities have more options and tend to be pickier,” explained Josh Fischer, who led the study.

By being tall, you are signaling that you have good genes.” So what’s the matter with Jersey City women? “It’s going against the normal pattern for most humans,” she said.

HUNGRY customers at a bagel shop were left in shock when a furious short man launched into a misogynistic rant after a female staff member smiled at him.

Other videos on Chris Morgan's You Tube channel include using homophobic slurs, using racist language and calling the police on a neighbour.

The series of videos were discovered after a video of the most recent altercation was filmed by someone else, taking place at a chain of Bagel Boss in New York.

Things appear to get physical as the woman confronts him saying "what are you mad for" before a smacking noise is heard and she yells "get your hands off me".