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At that time my first girlfriend had broken up with me.

I was single and I was actively going after a beautiful girl. She rejected me a few times and I couldn't remember how, but one day I just started this SG game idea.

Sim Man, as the creator of Sim Girls is respectfully known, began working on the project in 2001 as a hobby.

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A that time I had very little cg drawing and game making experience so I spent about 15 minutes to draw an icon, and 0.5-1.5 hour to draw one full-body character in the game Finally I skipped and failed too many courses and I got kicked out from the University. I started a business with some partners on ebay afterwards. The full version was finally completed and published as a new submission to in April 2012. In 2012, Sim Man started the company Blackspears Media, and it is currently working on completely new projects such as Simgirls 2 Lovemore, Simgirls The Movie, and a social network: Blackspears.

In June 2013, Sim Man announced the Chinese version of Sim Girls,stating that that according to the data collected among all Simgirls players, Chinese is the 2nd most used language after English.

In late 2001 to early 2002 I was still in University.

I went into engineering at the beginning, but it was too boring so I switched to computer science.

The forum members even released a fan version version 0.2.0,which was exactly simgirls 4.1,,with the addition of a notepad in the PDA,bulk purchase of gifts and items in Shopping Mall & pause feature in fighting minigame In 2007,a member destroyed the old simgirls forum with some malacious software,deleting almost all posts from it.