Speed dating library

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Ian Anstice, Time to Read co-ordinator, said: “This is a very rare thing to see libraries do in the UK, although such speed dating events are far more common in the USA, so it’s great to see Warrington’s libraries leading the way here.

There is always a certain romance to libraries anyway – eyes can often meet amongst the bookshelves and it’s a good place to have a conversation – so this is taking things to a logical conclusion.

in Hunt Library, IDe ATe Studio B for “Speed Dating for Library Services." This highly-interactive event will allow faculty an opportunity to gain a quick (yet still informative) overview, as well as pose direct questions to Libraries employees about specific tools and services.

When the time is up, you’ll move on to your next “date.” Over the course of the hour, attendees will have the chance to visit all of the matchmakers in the room.

With my middle school kids this activity is guaranteed to make them grin, giggle, and cringe a little...ok, a LOT. Because prepare yourselves, book lovahs, this is super cheezy!