The hazzards of online dating

The video shows an admitted prankster, Coby Persin, who looks to be about 30, pretending to be a teen as he chats with some girls online.

It’ll be greatly appreciated and with any luck, you’ll be asked back; before you know it, they’ll be taking a turn on you next time.

But the moment you back into a corner, you’re done-for.

You’ll feel obligated to sneak away and will leave a lasting impression of ineptitude, standoffishness, and disinterest. Like great sex in general, an anything-more-than-2some is best with practice and repetition (you’ll hear me say this ad nauseum in these entries: practice and repetition, practice and repetition – treat your sex life like your piano lessons.) Personally I can’t get enough 3somes, even if the odd one keeps me at a distance.

But as long as I don’t feel threatened or bored, there’s always a way to make the trip worthwhile.

Of course it makes sense to teach our kids about Internet safety. That they shouldn’t share too much information, or assume that what they post will ever disappear.