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You can award inspiration to a player who roleplays a trickster god's flaw particularly well. He's always arguing with you, and making fun of you behind your back.

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Others prefer to just select whichever class they feel cosmetically has the best appearance. I’ll list below all the races with the most beneficial bonuses.

Likewise to most of this guides layout, simply just click on the name of the race you want to view / read.

When the players leave the Tomb of the Nine Gods, any magic item found in the tomb that was possessed by one of the trickster gods turns to dust and is destroyed.

If the player played into the flaw of the god well, he can keep the item (And I'd assume the flaw and blessing) with him.

You can roleplay the voices of the trickster gods in the characters' heads, but let the players roleplay their characters' inherited flaws.