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The movie focuses on the Burge’s early high school days (when they were probably just 6’1″ or so and not the 6’5″ they would end up) and stars non twins, Annie Mc Elwain (‘Seventh Heaven’, ‘Saved by the Bell’) as Heidi and Poppi Monroe as Heather.Also stars Mackenzie Phillips (‘One Day at a Time’) as the Burge’s mom, Mary.A new holiday animated film released in 2002 starring the voice of Adam Sandler as a man who is given a second chance during Hanukkah.

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One of the few films out there about triplets–this comedy stars Jerry Lewis as the babysitter for the triplets of a movie star played by Mariyn Maxwell.

Connie Stevens and Hans Conreid also star in this comedy written by Frank Tashlin and based on the Preston Sturges screenplay from ‘The Miracles of Morgan’s Creek’.

Andy (Mickey Rooney) meets blonde twins on a train on his way to college.

The twins (Lee and Lyn Walker) are played by real-life twins Lee and Lynn Wilde, who starred in a handful of films in the 40’s and 50’s.

The original German film based on the popular children’s book of the same title (by Erich Kästner) in which girls meet at a summer camp without knowing they are twins who were separated at birth. The German films are the only versions we know of in which twins (Jutta and Isa Günther in the original, Floriane and Fritzi Eichhorn in the remake) actually played the dual roles.