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The NBPP has no connection to the original Black Panther Party, whose members have heavily criticized the group.

An open letter first referenced in 2007 from the Dr. Newton Foundation, which is run by members of the original Black Panther Party, calls the NBPP a hateful and unconstructive group.

They also believe Jewish businesses prey on black communities.

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At the event, Muhammad told the audience, “The white man is the devil” and quipped, “I almost said Jew York City. Police officers erected a barricade to separate the two groups.

NBPP members twice tried to break through and confront the KKK protesters, but failed to do so.

“Our lessons talk about the bloodsuckers of the poor. It’s that old no-good Jew, that old imposter Jew, that old hooked-nose, bagel-eating, lox-eating, Johnny-come-lately, perpetrating-a-fraud, just-crawled-out-of-the-caves-and-hills-of-Europe, so-called damn Jew … NBPP also attempted to reduce drug dealing in certain black neighborhoods.

and I feel everything I’m saying up here is kosher.” — Khalid Abdul Muhammad, one of the party’s future leaders, Baltimore, Maryland, February 19, 1994. By 1993, the group had moved into extremism and organized the National Black Power Summit and Youth Rally, which drew around 200 attendees.

Frustrated, Muhammad called for his followers to attack the police, shouting: “Black people, we can take these bastards. In September 1998, Khalid Muhammad organized the Million Youth March in New York City.