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The ageless actress has proved her worth both on the small screen and the big screen.One thing is certain, Tika Sumpter is an all-round Hollywood screen diva.

When we start making judgments on what’s lowbrow to some people, then you’re making accusations that this group of people doesn’t know what’s really good.

I don’t think that’s fair…Don’t condemn a bunch of people who actually go to these movies for what they like.”While Sumpter understands both sides of the debate, she admits it’s her “boss” she’s talking about, and regardless, Perry’s contributions say it all, loud and proud.“He empowers people every day by employing over 400 people in his studio,” the actress remarks.

In other words, turn off the TV or quit complaining.“You have the right to turn the channel,” she explains.

“There are a lot of people who turn the channel on, who have made him this successful, so there is an audience.

Other than his role on The Haves and the Have Nots, the actor is also known for the 2008 horror film In January 2017, Sumpter announced that she is engaged to her baby daddy Nicholas James.

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