erik dating profile sweden - U pb dating of zircon by la icp ms

CA-LA-ICP-MS age data are in good agreement with the CA-ID-TIMS dates and suggest advantages of using CA-LA-ICP-MS in order to define accurate ages.

The use of the CA technique for very young zircons (∼0.2 Ma, Kos rhyolitic tuff, Greece) seems optional; as the obtained mean U ages of non-CA and CA treated zircons coincide within the uncertainty.

It was also revealed that the Toya Tephra magma crystallized zircons and experienced eruptions instantaneously at ~ 0.1 Ma, which is an important implication to decipher magmatic and eruptive processes for caldera-forming large volcanic systems.

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Nevertheless, the results of this study provide an example of the type of precision and accuracy that may be possible with this technique under ideal conditions.