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The Insert Index Dialog If, after inserting an Index using the default values shown in the Dialog above, you look at the Field Code inserted (by pressing Alt F9) you will see something like: “2057” is the code for U. English and the switch is what explicitly tells Word to create a two-column index. I hope somebody gets some benefit from it but, if not, I already have, so it has not been a completely wasted effort.

You can specify the columns as a number in the range 1 — 4, or as “Auto”, meaning the same number of columns as the surrounding text. At least one of the issues presented here is probably a bug but I doubt it will ever be a high priority one.

Word, at least in the particular circumstance of deletion of a Section break, seems unaware of the possibility that some, but not all, Headers and Footers in a Section may be linked to previous ones.

All the careful steps it takes to ensure that data are not lost, are only taken when all the Headers and Footers of a Section, whether used or not, are set to be the same as previous.

Click here for a detailed step-by-step example of this Click here for a detailed step-by-step example of this [link to Paragraph on this site] Before you can add an index to a Word Document you must tell Word about the elements you want to appear in it, either directly or by using a concordance file. If not, take a look at the When you have done that, if you right click on a Field (any Field) in your Document, you should see this.