how long have we been dating - Updating laminate kitchen cabinets

It’s the kitchen in our small lakehouse cottage in Wisconsin.

The kitchen is original to the house, which was built in the early 1970s.

So far the plan is to tear up the laminate tile flooring and expose the hardwood underneath (we're removing all of the carpets/laminate in the entire house and stripping, staining everything one color).

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If you’re using new cabinet hardware that requires drilling new holes, use a special jig designed for cabinet or drawer hardware (sometimes referred to as a mounting template) to make sure everything is lined up correctly. Hilary of Embellishments, took on this project in her bathroom and the results are impressive.

She'll walk you through her real-life process of painting cabinets.

Rather than replacing them, an easier and more budget-friendly solution is to paint them.

The following instructions are for painting wood or laminate cabinets.

We all know how expensive and time consuming it can be to renovate your kitchen cabinets.