Updating oak kitchen

This was meant to be a quick-fix kitchen update that we started last fall, but as we got more and more into it, we realized that we were really going to have to change some of the trim out. Of course, in real life, when you’re working on a project and you get an idea to change something, no matter how small, it seems like it always adds on something like 3 more to the project. That was the case with these mouldings on our kitchen cabinets.

The cabinets were great quality custom cabinets, but they were golden oak, which instantly made the kitchen look old.

That extra gingerbread trim around the windows really gave it a “straight out of 1992” flare that just wasn’t doing it for us.

In projects where you need to clamp something and let it dry, it builds strength quickly and offers up to 75% less clamp time than many other adhesives!

So it’s basically the new glue of choice around here.

You know how they always seem to be halfway through a big project on those shows and then one of them gets an idea for something they want to add, or do differently and everyone else groans because that idea will add on, like, of extra work time! So by that time, I just wanted the project done and out of the way so we could actually start enjoying the new kitchen updates.