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$SVN --username anon --password anon co fi echo Reloading bundles in Text Mate...

updating textmate bundles-10

The instructions below assume you are setting up a fresh Text Mate install.

Got this from the web somewhere: Just create a script with the following content:#! UTF-8SVN=`which svn`echo Changing to Bundles directory...mkdir -p /Library/Application\ Support/Text Mate/Bundlescd /Library/Application\ Support/Text Mate/Bundlesif [ -d /Library/Application\ Support/Text Mate/Bundles/R.tmbundle ]; then echo R bundle already exists - updating...

With thanks to the author, Timothy Beatty, here’s the original bundle: For those wanting a little extra functionality, George Mac Kerron described a method to add tab-completion for Stata variables. If your Stata application is not named “Stata”, you’ll need to make one small change.

I’ve added his code to this version of the Stata bundle. Open Text Mate’s Bundle Editor; then, in the Stata bundle’s Complete Variable command, change the “appname” variable in line 6 to reflect your app’s true name, e.g.

These change files are located in a corresponding path under .