chrisitan dating service - Validating identity netgear

I connected to it with my old dell inspiron laptop (windows XP Professional service pack 2, and 1394 net adapter, broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated controller and Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 BG network connection).

It connected perfectly fine and I used it for about 2 weeks with no problems at all.

Double check the setting in your router configuration (it should be pretty obvious).

You really want to be running WPA or WPA2 if you can.

Even if it was on it shouldn't have kept you from connecting unless it was configured, but stranger things have happened.

yes, i can still connect to other connections on the laptop, it seems that i only can't connect to my network.

If the setting is "Shared Key" and encryption is WPA or WPA2 you will never be able to connect because WPA doesn't have the right credentials for the shared key and never gets to the stage where it's own credentials can be checked. I set my router to WPA-PSK security and made sure my laptop was reading the same type of security, yet I still get the message of "validating identity" when trying to connect ot the network.