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Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day. - Heraclitus "this" is Default Handler Object CPU goes to 100% , the process gets finished. Does 100% CPU utilization means it is bad on the performance of the application ?

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won't that 100% CPU utilization reduce the performance(response time increases for simultanous validation) for a validation and parsing alone why does 100 CPU gets used?

Any code that actually does something efficiently will make the CPU spike to 100%.

An XMLSchema object represents the DOM structure of an XML schema document and is created with an XSDBuilder class object.

Create an XSDBuilder object and invoke the build(Input Source) method of the XSDBuilder object to obtain an XMLSchema object.

To run the application, right-click on in Application Navigator, and select Run. The validation error indicates that the title element is not expected.

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