Warrior intimidating shout macro cindy crawford is dating denis rodman

Mouseover sunder - this macro will sunder the mob your mouse pointer is over without losing your current target (the mob must still be in melee range, of course).

Devastate & Sunder – use with 'ctrl' until 5 sunders then devastates Devastate, Shield Slam, and Heroic Strike - keeps HS queued and uses Devastate and Shield Slam for your **********al aggro.

Ctrl uses Cleave instead of Heroic Strike – assumes you have plenty of rage. seamlessly tab to the nearest target, sunder them and switch back to your current target – you won't even see the switch but they'll be sundered and come to you if they break early...

” macro icon to see what is next Shield Slam with Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 600 - this allows you to Shield Slam at the exact same time as trinket activation.

It checks to make sure your target is alive and hostile, and will also not activate the trinkets if you do not have a Shield already equipped.

Castsequence is special in that it overrides the "#show" parameter.