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It is the water once again that made my friendship with Bill so strong.Since 2004, I have looked up to Bill and admire the way he takes the world on with positivity and sees the good in people.

Immediately he got Gage and brought him to the patio where we all continued conversation.

We again discussed my job at Rosen Shingle Creek and Denver‘s job at Rosen College.

Whether we are catching Mahi 40 miles out in the Atlantic, chasing Redfish 30 miles into the Louisiana Marsh or hunting Whitetail Deer in the North Carolina Mountains, we always have a story to tell. He loves his morning sammy's and longs for the weekends to go fishing.

I look forward to making many more in the years to come. He has a very important role on our wedding day carrying our rings to make Lisa share his last name.

We chatted with Lee about it and told him how excited we were that we were certain my dad met Tanner in the past. She’s talented and athletic, personable, and caring.