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I was like, "How can I do all of these things in one lifetime?" Porn was the first step because it gave me the capital and the connections to not only build my brand but also to lay the foundations for other creative things that I wanted to get involved in.

I had an experience with a photographer who was in the adult industry, which was a big thing for me. When he was telling me about the type of people who were in the industry, those people sounded like me.

That was a big breakthrough to have that conversation.

So I took a semester off school to focus on myself. My whole life I've been fascinated with branding and I came up with this idea to create this brand of "Carter Cruise" where I could do everything I wanted to do.

I sat down and I made a list of the experiences I wanted to have in life. I wanted to write, I wanted to act, I wanted to make music, I wanted to do fashion.

I took topless photos with him for the first time ever in my life.