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WWE decided to make the Bella Twins the face of their foray into reality programming on the E Network.

Total Divas was technically an ensemble show, but it was obvious that WWE wanted to pay specific attention to the twins, especially Nikki, whose relationship with Cena made for entertaining viewing.

Ask yourself if Triple H would be such a big deal in WWE if he wasn’t with Stephanie Mc Mahon.

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But Brie’s appeal in WWE had nothing to do with her in-ring work.

By virtue of being Daniel Bryan’s wife, she became an integral part of the Yes Movement, often getting involved in his storylines and even adopting the Yes kicks, which would always get a nice pop from the crowd.

In addition to become one of the biggest mainstream stars in the company, Nikki was rewarded with strong runs in the division, which resulted in her having the longest reign with the Divas Championship.

Her reign lasted a whopping 301 days and surpassed AJ Lee’s historic reign.

She dominated and decimated the opposition while somehow also playing the cowardly heel.