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Causes of High CPU usage on WSUS server The causes for the high CPU usage could be: 1] SUSDB is not “clean.” This might confuse the client systems, and they would start scanning continuously in a loop.

2] Too many pending updates for the WSUS server to forward to the clients. In both these events, we need to clean up the WSUS server as the solution.

Both servers are in the same OU in Active Directory, have the same applied GPOs (and are successfully applying those GPOs), and both are in the same container on the WSUS console.

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1] Change the port for the WSUS website: Select WSUS Administration Web Site Edit Bindings and the edit the WSUS console to connect to the new port. 2] Decline the updates: You can use the Powershell script by using -skipdecline parameters to determine the net number of declined updates.

Then run the same -skipdecline again to decline those updates.

2] For those using WSUS on Windows Server 2012 or a later version, the following updates or a later version need to be installed on the system: Verify the following causes for troubleshooting connection failures with WSUS: 1] The WWW Publishing Service and Update Service should be running on the WSUS server.

2] The WSUS website or the default website should be running on the WSUS server.

Updates are set to automatically download but wait for manual intervention before installing. CADCS002 showed the Windows Updates system tray icon and these updates were then installed - this left 1 pending update which has not yet been approved.